星詠みの川辺  / Starry Riverside









Starry Riverside

A gently flowing river nestled in the corner of a small village. Its surface quietly seems to weave a poem of the past and future. Under the summer twilight, the setting sun casts a pale kiss on the surface of the river. The radiance created from it played a quiet melody, as if blending into the music of heaven and earth. Children gathered by the riverside, seeking secrets in the water. The adults found gentle relaxation on the banks of the river, feeling its current as a gentle swell that nestled in their hearts.

One day, on the banks of the river, a small boy picked up a stone and threw it into the river. A shooting star shone in the sunset sky, and its trail shimmered on the surface of the river. The boy was mesmerized by the beautiful moment and felt as if he could hear the stars singing along with the river. And he made up his mind to enter the river.

However, the pain of the past was deeply etched in the boy’s mind. The fear of opening his eyes in the water made him hesitate. Fear that the darkness of the past would sink to the bottom of the water, scaring away his inner courage. But his thirst for the unknown guided him. The touch of the water, the sound of the current, and the desire to discover something new led him deep into the river.

Stepping into the river, the boy silently closed his eyes. At first his heart beat, but soon the gentle embrace of the water enveloped him. The whisper of the water and the glow of the stars lured him into a peaceful happiness. Then, when he suddenly opened his eyes, surprise and excitement filled him. A breathtakingly beautiful world spread out in the water. He traced the water with his fingertips, and the sight of the stars shimmering on the surface of the water brought him quiet joy and excitement.

Eventually, the boy returned to the riverbank. His damp hair blowing in the wind, a happy smile on his face. People around him whispered words of admiration and praise at the sight of him. This is the story of how the boy’s courage and curiosity opened the door to new possibilities. The poetic sentiment of the riverside continued to send echoes of inspiration and miracles to the hearts of the children.

And the moment the boy opened his eyes in the water, the stars shining on the riverbed captivated him. The beautiful illusion of constellations floating in the water deeply moved his senses. The stars sang with the river’s current, telling him that they were inviting him to a new journey. At that moment, the boy’s soul became a poem playing by the riverside, carrying the gift of new stars in his heart.

The gentle current gently touched the surface of the river, and the boy stood on the riverbank with emotion and gratitude in his heart. The stars were shining in his eyes and the beautiful illusion was deeply engraved in his heart. And the calm river spun its time quietly, with the singing of the most beautiful stars in the background.